Dear Learner

At Chapterhouse Dublin we are excited to announce that we have recently combined our detailed understanding of English tuition with decades of experience belonging to our new partners – Twin UK, to form Twin Chapter House Dublin.

We provide exceptional English language learning opportunities for overseas students by delivering a range of English courses – General, Intensive and Professional – to students from as young as 16 and with any level of experience.

We strongly believe good teaching is not only about the transfer of knowledge, but that learner motivation and the development of effective learning skills are equally important. Our communicative teaching method will help you get to grips with the English language by focusing on your fluency and coherence. Since communication is the core of language, we focus first and foremost on this, making conversation and expression the forefront of our method.

We realise that every minute of every class is important, especially when you are enrolled on a short-term programme. Therefore, we design each of our classes to give you practical takeaways for immediate improvement in your communication.

While the atmosphere in Chapterhouse is friendly and supportive, we take your learning very seriously. Our programmes put real intensity back into intensive programmes. In addition to the regularly–assessed core skills, you will be converted into a high performance learner through Learning to Learn Modules.

Outside of the classroom, we provide a varied range of company visits, excursions and social events in which you can practise your new language in a natural, friendly and relaxed environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Twin Chapterhouse where you will experience the difference in excellent teaching and achieve your English language goals.

Jonathan Duignan