Chapterhouse offers short intensive programmes in:


 Aviation English

 English for Engineering

 English for the Oil and Gas Industry

 International Legal English

 Strategic Management

 Project Management

 Effective Communication for Managers

 Managers’ Bootcamp

 Tourism & Hospitality English

 IELTS preparation

 Cambridge FCE/CAE/CPE preparation

 General English

 English for Cabin Crew



How long are the Chapterhouse programmes?

Typically, a complete Chapterhouse programme runs for four weeks’ duration, broken into two modules of 2 week duration each. Learners are in class between 20 to 26 hours per week, with assignments and self-study accounting for another 10 hours. Learners can enrol for either one or two modules.

Learners are required to complete a pre-course assignment online.

ChapterhousePLUS learners can enrol on programmes of any duration.