We offer a selection of English courses, giving students several options of duration, English topic and lessons per week. Our goal at Chapterhouse is to help our students meet their language learning targets while having a fantastic time in Ireland.

General English
Intensive English
English Unlimited


Teachers use the communicative method underpinned by clear learning outcomes within the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  While the classroom is friendly and informal, the Chapterhouse Ethos values success through motivation, goal setting, and achievement.

The communicative teaching method emphasises students fluency, coherence and creativity—helping them to
develop the skills they will need to use every day as English speakers.


  • Great Teachers
  • Excellent City Centre Location
  • Multiple levels (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Structured syllabus designed to accelerate language acquisition
  • Morning and Afternoon timetable
  • IELTS preparation at higher levels
  • Access to our Social and Cultural Programme
  • 25 weeks tuition with an additional 8-week holiday period for students who wish to travel
  • End of course completion certificate

English Courses

General English

AGE: 16+

LEVEL: Elementary to Advanced

HOURS: 15 hours per week


General English is suitable for students of all levels, from beginners just starting out, to those with more experience and looking to push their advanced skills even further. This course is designed to help learners gain confidence and abilities as English speakers by focusing on improving conversation, listening, reading, writing and grammar. General English seeks to benefit students’ language capability so they are better prepared for using it in everyday life. Students work communicatively to allow a consistent opportunity for improvement.

Students will focus on:

• Speaking and listening
• Pronunciation
• Reading and writing
• Grammar and vocabulary


Our most popular course

COURSE PERIOD: 25 weeks + 8 weeks holiday

There are many advantages to studying General English over a longer duration, not least the maximum opportunity for students to take their English skills to a high level. At Chapterhouse we help them do this with bi-weekly formative and summative assessments and individual face-to-face feedback. In addition to the core skills, students work on local projects, engage on specialised reading lists, and as an optional extra, they may sit the TIE or IELTS English language proficiency tests. Students enrolled on a course for an academic year may make full use of the Irish student visa which allows them to work alongside their studies without obtaining a work permit.

Studying General English for the academic year gives students:

• Focused development in reading, writing and speaking English
• Regular skills assessment and monitoring
• The opportunity to work alongside their studies
• A year of study in Ireland’s remarkable capital

General English/General English Academic Year is a multi-purpose programme for students who wish to improve their all-round English, focusing on the four skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Intensive English

Intensive English courses are an excellent way for students to take their English skills to new heights by combining General English tuition with a specialised focus, or even more General English tuition. General English is taught in the mornings while classes for the intensive component are in the afternoons. We offer three intensive options: Business Communications, IELTS preparation and Morning and Afternoon General English. All courses include regular progress monitoring and individual feedback.


Aimed at prospective undergraduate or postgraduate students of business degrees, or those looking to move into business-related employment, this course will help students move closer to their long-term goals. Students will improve their abilities in business-related areas including interviewing, negotiating, presentations, telephone and email communication. Students will also learn more broadly about business theory, concepts and issues with the help of case studies and by preparing and delivering presentations.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language assessment and is used by English speaking universities and employers to gauge the linguistic ability of applicants. Students can greatly improve their job prospects and better their chance of admission into university with a healthy IELTS score. Many universities will not take students below a given IELTS level, making a good score necessary.


For those wanting to boost their General English skills as much as possible, this intensive course has students taking General English classes in both the mornings and the afternoons. Students will learn collaboratively and communicatively in their classes to benefit their coherence, conversation and creativity. Tuition focuses on the core elements of communication: writing, listening and speaking. Students will take a language placement test to ensure that our tuition meets their needs.


COURSE PERIOD: 25 weeks + 8 weeks holiday

Lasting for 25 weeks with 8 weeks of holiday, students may study Intensive English for an entire academic year. Mornings of General English tuition will be combined with afternoon classes taken in one of our Intensive options – Business Communications, IELTS Preparation or Morning and Afternoon English. By studying Intensive English with us at Chapterhouse, students can really push their skills with consistent focus over the year. With the Irish student visa, those from outside the EU who are accepted onto a course which lasts for an academic year may also be employed alongside their studies without a special work permit.

Students will benefit from:

• Focused learning in General English plus an option of their choice
• Regular skills assessment and monitoring
• The opportunity to work alongside their studies
• 25 weeks of study and 8 weeks holiday

Who should choose the Short-Term Programme

  • Students who have a limited amount of time to study
  • Students who want to take a more intensive programme
  • Students who wish to combine a holiday with study

Who should choose the Academic Year Programme

  • Non-EU students who would like to study and work part-time in Ireland
  • Non-EU students who would like to travel around Europe during their holidays
  • Students who wish to immerse themselves in the Irish culture

English Unlimited

For those who want ultimate flexibility, this offer lets students study in any class and as often as they wish, up to 40 lessons a week. Students have maximum choice and the possibility to fit their learning around any schedule – students simply sign up to the classes they wish to attend each week. They may choose any course classes, with mornings focused on General English and afternoons on specific options: Business English, IELTS Preparation and extra General English.

English Unlimited includes:
• Unlimited choice of classes up to 40 lessons per week
• Language placement assessment