General Information

Welcome to Chapterhouse.
One of the newest language schools in Ireland.

Opened in 2014, the school is part of a growing global network of Chapterhouse centres which provide specialist training in specific professional areas. Chapterhouse recognises that many learners are seeking specific English for specific professional and technical purposes.

In Chapterhouse we recognise that our learners wish to enjoy all the social and cultural life Ireland offers during their free time. Group and individual excursions are offered to explore Dublin’s varied museums, exhibitions, musical events, festivals and nightlife.

Modern Facilities

Custom designed classroom and learning spaces in a modern building.

Academic Leadership

Chapterhouse is led by ELT professionals with decades of in English language research and experience in teaching and learning.

Professional Clientele

Chapterhouse attracts short term professionals for whom rapid improvement is the shortest time is a priority.

Chapterhouse Methodology

Every aspect of the delivery been analysed to unsure learning is optimised.


The ethos of Chapterhouse is efficient and professional yet friendly and helpful. Our programmes are highly effective, but require dedication and commitment from the learners to realise their ambitions.

The teaching faculty is composed of high performing teachers, all with industry knowledge and experience. We believe with the right support every individual can achieve their desired learning goals.

The Dublin School is aimed at professional results-driven learners who tend to be older and more experienced than those in regular language schools.

Chapterhouse PLUS

Design your own Programmes

With Chapterhouse PLUS, companies, universities, government organisations, and individuals can design tailored programmes in conjunction with Chapterhouse programme leaders.

Tailored programmes are designed for the specific needs of a group and often involve local research projects, company visits and guest lecturers.

Phone us on (01) 5586416

Give us a call to discuss any programme you may have in mind.

Chapterhouse Dublin

73 Middle Abbey Street
Dublin 1

Co. Dublin
Tel: (0) 15586416