General Information

Welcome to Chapterhouse Dublin Language School.

Opened in 2014, our school provides English language tuition and specialist training in specific professional areas, recognising that many learners are seeking specific English for specific professional and technical purposes.

In Chapterhouse our learners will enjoy all the social and cultural life Ireland offers during their free time. Group and individual excursions are offered to explore Dublin’s varied museums, exhibitions, musical events, festivals and nightlife.

Historic Building

Modern Classroom Technology in a beautiful Georgian building.

Academic Leadership

Led by ELT professionals with decades of in English language research and experience in teaching and learning.

A range of courses

Chapterhouse offers a selection of English courses to meet all kinds of student’s needs in topic and length of stay.


The communicative teaching method we use focuses on coherence, creativity and fluency.


The ethos of Chapterhouse Dublin is to be efficient and professional yet friendly and helpful. Our programmes are highly effective, but require dedication and commitment from the learners to realise their ambitions.

The teaching faculty is composed of high performing teachers, all with industry knowledge and experience. We believe with the right support every individual can achieve their desired learning goals.

The school aims at satisfying the needs of all students, from basic to advanced learners.

Phone us on +353 (83) 890 0185

Twin Chapterhouse Dublin

31 Gardiner Place
Dublin 1