Preparation & Arrival

Before you arrive to Ireland, get details about your travel route and information about Ireland. Our staff can assist you. If a VISA is required, you are to ensure that you acquire the relevant VISA well before your journey to Ireland. You are expected to strictly adhere to all VISA conditions. Our International Office can receive your enquiries, assist you in completing the Application Forms and send you Acceptance Letters for VISA processing.

On Arrival

Our international students are greeted and met at the Ireland International Airport and transferred to their accommodation. A brief explanation of the accommodation facilities are given upon arrival and students are expected to follow accommodation rules especially when staying with host families.

An orientation session is organized at Chapterhouse about the course and also about Ireland in general. Various activities are organized by Chapterhouse throughout the academic year and students are encouraged to participate. Fees may apply for these activities.

During Your Stay

During your stay in Ireland, the Administration Section within the Operations Department at Chapterhouse supports international students on a daily basis.